InNeMa carried out various projects for customers of different sizes, across a number of industries and for a plethora of topics. For an overview of our completed projects, please see a sampling below:

Customer: Large company from the electronics industry (sales > 10 bn. Euro)

Business Question: Concept for a Business Impact Framework to derive Sales and EBIT impact as a result of changes in the
macroeconomic business environment


  • Identification of relevant (macro)economic variables with a direct and indirect influence on sales and costs of the company
  • Statistical testing of relevance of indicators/variables
  • Derivation of sales- cost- and EBIT impact caused by a change to any of these business environment variables
  • Systematic modelling of relationships


  • Early Warning System for business relevant changes in the environment
  • Business impact-oriented reporting to top-management on macroeconomic conditions

Customer: In-house Consulting of a DAX-company from the Industrial Installation industry (sales > 10 bn. Euro)

Business Question: Attractiveness of the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries and the role of contract
manufacturers in China and India. Special focus on competition from local companies


  • Identification of the most relevant industries for the InNeMa-customer by analyzing sales and import statistics
  • Industry structure analysis with a special focus on local players in each of the industries
  • Assessment of the relative strength of local competitors as opposed to international industry players
    in the growth markets of China and India


  • Transparency regarding the role of local players in growth markets of the InNeMa-customer
  • Derivation of possible actions to deal with local players in key markets

Customer: Financial Service company (sales > 100 mn. Euro)

Business Question: Change in legislation fundamentally threatens business model of the largest business segment.
Search for new portfolio options in new business areas incl. identification of business model adjustment


  • Preparation of a workshop with the goal to identify portfolio options and new business areas
  • Execution and follow-up of the workshop
  • Deduction of options


  • Adjacent business areas that can be served with a portfolio extension are identified
  • Identification of non-adjacent, attractive business areas

Customer: In-house consulting of a large company (sales > 10 bn. Euro)

Business Question: Development of training material on how to create top-down market models and how to
correctly work with statistics


  • Presentation of various methodologies to deduct market models from statistics; top-down vs. bottom-up approach
  • Overview of key statistics for top-down models (sources, interpretation, uses, pitfalls)
  • Market modelling from statistics


  • Training documents for new consultants

Topics of Presentations and Trainings, Examples:

Presentations: Teachings from Ancient China for Companies of the 21. Century; Strategy Development:
Planning and Controlling in a Multinational Company; How Competitive Intelligence can improve your Strategy; etc.

Trainings: Managerial Economics for Officers; Strategic Management in Retail;
Strategic Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.