Today companies are constantly screening the world for new and sustainable growth possibilities. InNeMa addresses the associated challenges by approaching the topic of long-term growth from the strategic and business model side as much as from the regional and business field angles. The identification and analysis of potential new growth markets is the basis to develop a suitable and company-specific strategy from which to derive appropriate and fitting business models to push the business. In order to get into a position to exploit the growth opportunities of new growth markets, your company needs to identify the best possible market entry form given the companies internal situation and the business environment in the new market. Finally the approach to New Markets needs to fit into the corporate and overall internationalization strategy of the company in order for it to be successful.

InNeMa is successfully working in the three closely interdependent topics to ensure companies’ lasting success. Our goal is to identify the promising topics for your company and to create practicable and implementable solutions to seize the opportunities or to deal with the challenges.