Strategy Development

  • Corporate strategies, regional strategies, functional sategic foresighting and scenario-building
  • Development of Early Warning Systems and Business-Impact-Frameworks• Strategy process development 

Business Model and Business Model Innovation

  • Stress-Test of existing business models
  • 360°-check for small and medium sized companies to exploit business potential fully
  • Development of new business models for new markets in new regions or business fields
  • Investigate business potential of unused patents and develop adequate business model  

Internationalization and Market Entry Strategy

  • Development of an internationalization strategy for business activities
  • Incorporation of Internationalization into company-wide strategy
  • Process development of market entry
  • Identification of optimal market entry mode: When, how, where?
  • System for monitoring and steering of global activities 

Business Environment: Industry- and Macroeconomic Analysis

  • Industry structure analysis and top-down market modeling
  • Bottom-up analysis regarding markets and structures by conducting expert interviews in B2B-industries
  • Market Intelligence / Competitive Intelligence process development incl. Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)