About Us

InNeMa stands for the Institute for New Markets. We believe that a successful identification of new markets with a subsequent, well structured and targeted market approach still carries for companies a large number of opportunities in a multitude of industries. The ultimate goal of InNeMa’s activities is the long term improved market position of our customers.

InNeMa’s approach offers clear cut and implementable solutions to the business questions of our customers by employing the most current methods and techniques available. This is reflected in the professional experience of our experts, all of whom carry an extensive business background, and some of whom are currently in academics. Only with this business and practical experience is it possible to fulfill our mission:


We support our customer in developing the right strategies and business models in order to generate a sustainable profitable position in New Markets.

We employ the highest and most current analytical methodologies and techniques in order to offer our customers implementable solutions with a clear business impact.