Studies & Analysis

InNeMa performs studies related to all the topics in its portfolio. We perform top-down analysis and market modelling just as much as we perform bottom-up studies including expert interviews. Besides the high level of expertise InNeMa provides, we can offer to perform interviews or conduct research in some 20 languages, which is possible due to our global network of experts. Performing interviews in the local language typically yields better results.

When conducting a study InNeMa works closely with the client, in order to ensure a problem and need oriented analysis giving the client the answers to the relevant business questions.

Studies and Analysis are conducted, for instance, on following topics:

• Regional focus areas are the new Emerging Markets esp. Africa
  Possible business question: “What does our strategy for Africa look like and how does it fit into our company's global strategy?”

• Industry- and market analysis with the focus on industry, esp. chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machine building, construction and construction material, electrical installation, industrial installation
  Possible business question: “How attractive is the industry for our business?”